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Why WordPress?

I’ve used WordPress since 2006, when I launched my first blog. I’ve seen it grow from a simple blogging solution to a content management system (CMS) that powers 40 percent of the internet.

Why This Matters to You

WordPress’ large market share means that support for any question or issue you have is just a Google search away. There is constant development, frequent updates with improvements and security enhancements, an active support community, and a host of online resources.
  • Themes and plugins are always being developed to add functionality and keep up with current design trends.
  • You own and control your website. Want to fix a typo or add a new page or product? You can do it yourself rather than paying a professional.
  • WordPress has built-in search engine goodness. It’s built out of the box to organize your content in a way that will help you get found online.
  • There is an existing plugin for just about anything you can imagine on your website — appointment booking, events calendars, e-commerce and much more.

Your Website on Mobile Devices

According to Statista, mobile devices generated 51.1% of global web traffic. Let’s face it — if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re alienating most of your audience. All of the websites I build look good and work well on mobile devices.
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How We'll Work Together

1. Proposal Request

Please fill out the proposal request form on this page. I’ll review your form, then we’ll set up a time that’s convenient for you for a free virtual consultation.

2. Consultation

We’ll meet virtually and I’ll get to know you and your business so I can better understand your needs. I’ll answer any questions you may have so that you feel comfortable as we move forward.

3. Proposal

Based on what I’ve learned from our previous steps, I’ll generate an itemized proposal for your new website within a few days. You’ll get the proposal via email.

4. Approval

Once you approve the proposal, work can begin. I need access to your current WordPress install if you have one, hosting account, and images and copy for your website, including your logo.

5. Design

Once you approve the proposal, work can begin. I need access to your current WordPress install if you have one, hosting account, and images and copy for your website, including your logo.

6. Checklist

Once the design process is complete, you’ll go over your new site and let me know of anything that needs to be changed or added. I’ll work through your checklist and get ready to launch.

7. WordPress Training

We’ll spend an hour or so in a virtual orientation session so you understand how to edit your website as you need.
You can have as many team members as you like in our orientation session.


Even if you’re experienced with WordPress, we can go over specific questions you may have.

8. Launch

When your site is complete to your satisfaction, I’ll migrate it to your domain and you’ll be up and running. This process generally takes a few hours and I try to do it during low-traffic hours.

WordPress Maintenance

You need regular maintenance to keep your site secure. I offer an optional WordPress maintenance package that includes:
  • Plugin updates. Out-of-date plugins can be a serious security risk.
  • Theme updates. Occasional updates to keep the theme secure.
  • WordPress updates. Regular updates add new features and enhance security.
  • Daily security scans.
  • Daily full backups.
  • Database optimization.
  • This helps your site run more smoothly.
  • Easy online payment.
  • Monthly report.
  • No surprises — if I find a problem, I’ll tell you before I do any billable work. Any work outside the scope of the above is billed at my regular hourly rate. Maintenance is active during site development, $45/month after completion.
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