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I’ll teach you how to use social media, email marketing, your blog, and your website to tell your story and inspire readers and followers to become customers — the whys, the whats, and the hows.

  • Your Avatar: Why you need one and how it can help you reach your customers
  • Keywords: The basis of everything you do online
  • Your Website: What it needs and what it doesn’t need
  • Blogging: Why you must blog and how it helps you attract customers
  • Content Marketing: How to use content to draw traffic and build thought leadership
  • Social Media: How to build relationships online
  • Email Marketing: How to generate and nurture leads

Additional Topics

  • Social media
  • How to use technology to increase productivity
  • Writing, editing and style
  • Tech tips for parents and grandparents to help you keep up with the young
  • How to use WordPress to start a blog or build a website
  • Blogging: Why you need a blog, and how it helps you get found online
  • Many more … just ask.