Instagram Marketing: Beat Instagram at the Link Game

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Why Instagram Marketing Can Be Frustrating

instagram marketing

Yes, Instagram marketing can make it difficult to share your content, as, unlike other social platforms, you can’t post a link in an Instagram caption. Here’s how I get around this.

I set up a page called My Instalanding here on […]

Twitter Tip: Buffer Power Scheduler

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If you use Twitter for your business, you probably use a scheduling tool, such as Buffer. I’ve been a regular Buffer user for a few years, but hadn’t really taken advantage of the Power Scheduler, which allows the user to schedule the post multiple times.

This is especially important on Twitter, where everything moves so quickly […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Twitter

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  1. You’re an egghead. If you don’t have an avatar, I’m going to pass, and so is everyone else with any degree of Twitter savvy. The only explanations for the egg are a) you just don’t care enough, b) you have no idea what you’re doing […]

Finding a Job: Package Yourself for Success

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Today I spoke to a great group of people at Workforce Investment Network’s (WIN) job club, a group of highly intelligent and qualified professionals who are currently in job transition. Finding a job isn’t easy these days, but a good understanding of social media can help.

We discussed ways to build a professional online presence […]

Social Media Common Sense: Uncommon

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I give a lot of advice about online stuff like web content, writing and social media. And sometimes people even listen.

When I distill all the advice I’ve ever given about online behavior, it all comes down to common sense, which may have become something of […]

Abercrombie & Fail?

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abercrombie-smallIf ever there were an epic social media fail, this is it.

First, Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO states that they don’t make clothes in sizes larger than 10 (for women; apparently men go all the way up to XL) because, well, I’ll let you read it for […]

Social Media Revolution

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Three years ago this video by Erik Qualman stunned and surprised many who didn’t yet understand the power and prevalence of social media:


Here’s the fourth version, produced a more recently. Not as surprising, but still eye opening.


Where Are Our Manners?

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mannersIt’s no secret I love social media. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram … if it’s not Pinterest, chances are I’m there.

I have friends who are dear to me that I’ve never met in real life (IRL on the Internet), but talk to regularly and […]

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