online reviews
Online Reviews: How to Handle Them
Online Reviews Can Make or Break You Online reviews are a fact of business life. Like it or not, your customers are free to express themselves where it concerns your product or service. There's little you can do to prevent negative reviews other than provide a level of service that discourages them. Even then, there's...
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instagram marketing
Instagram Marketing: Beat Instagram at the Link Game
Why Instagram Marketing Can Be Frustrating Yes, Instagram marketing can make it difficult to share your content, as, unlike other social platforms, you can't post a link in an Instagram caption. Here's how I get around this. I set up a page called My Instalanding here on my site. I'm used to doing landing pages...
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Social Media Success: What Small Business Can Learn From Big Brands
Do You Manage Social Media for Small Business? If you manage social media for small business, you know that social media and the Web continue to be important for small organizations, freelancers, and entrepreneurs; in fact, more so than ever. Your website and online presence can make or break you as they are many potential...
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job hunting social media
Job Hunting? 6 Social Media Tips
If you're in the midst of a job search, do a social media audit. Check your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other online profiles for content you wouldn’t want your grandmother or your pastor to see.
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Twitter
  You’re an egghead. If you don’t have an avatar, I’m going to pass, and so is everyone else with any degree of Twitter savvy. The only explanations for the egg are a) you just don’t care enough, b) you have no idea what you’re doing and aren’t willing to learn, c) you are a...
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What is a Hashtag?
You've heard people talk about them, you see them on TV in the bottom corner of your favorite TV show. But what are hashtags? Should you care? If so, why? Yes, you should care. Here are two reasons:
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Finding a Job: Package Yourself for Success
Today I spoke to a great group of people at Workforce Investment Network's (WIN) job club, a group of highly intelligent and qualified professionals who are currently in job transition. Finding a job isn't easy these days, but a good understanding of social media can help. We discussed ways to build a professional online presence...
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Twitter: How to Live Tweet an Event
Have you ever wished you could attend a conference or event, but just couldn't make it? Are you on Twitter? If so, you might be thankful for someone who lives tweets the event. Or you might be annoyed if it's an event you have no interest in. Either way, you'll see live tweeting or live...
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Social Media Common Sense: Uncommon
I give a lot of advice about online stuff like web content, writing and social media. And sometimes people even listen. When I distill all the advice I've ever given about online behavior, it all comes down to common sense, which may have become something of an oxymoron. For example: I'd have certainly advised Abercrombie...
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Three Online Irritations that are Making Me Crazy
If the Internet were a giant chalkboard, these three things would be the fingernails. Note: If you're reading this, I'm sure you're not doing any of these. But here's your opportunity to forward this post to that friend who just might be and blame it on me. I can handle it. One: Twitter Validation Service...
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Twitter on the Scene
Social media was at the forefront of breaking news yesterday when the news broke first on Twitter that a plane had made an emergency landing in the Hudson River in New York City. The event has been well-covered by the mainstream media, but one of the best pictures I've seen was snapped by a ferry...
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