Instagram Marketing: Beat Instagram at the Link Game

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Why Instagram Marketing Can Be Frustrating Yes, Instagram marketing can make it difficult to share your content, as, unlike other social platforms, you can't post a link in an Instagram caption. Here's how I get around this. I set up a page called My Instalanding here on my site. I'm used to doing landing pages [...]

How to Understand Your Customers and Increase Sales

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If you'd like to increase sales, I have an exercise for you. I want you to begin to define your avatar(s). You may have more than one, in fact, you probably will. Wait - what’s an avatar? You may also have heard them referred to as personas. Same thing. You are putting yourself in the [...]

Social Media Success: What Small Business Can Learn From Big Brands

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Social media and the Web continue to be important for small organizations, freelancers, and entrepreneurs; in fact, more so than ever. Your website and online presence can make or break you as they are many potential customers' first impression of you and your business. We can learn a lot from large brands, most of whom [...]

How to Add a Facebook Widget to Your WordPress Site: Video

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Facebook page engagement is an increasingly tough assignment; as Facebook continues to tweak their algorithms, the changes generally make it more difficult for brands to get their posts seen. It's important to be sure your website visitors know how to connect with your Facebook page. I like the new Page Plugin that replaced the previous [...]

Streaming Video is the New Black

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Streaming video is not a fad; it's here to stay, and rightfully so. Whether you're broadcasting an awesome concert or doing a quick tutorial, it's a great way to connect with your audience in a more tangible way than the written word. While Meerkat was the first on the scene, Periscope has grabbed quite a [...]

Feedly: Find and Share Great Content

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An effective social media presence is wholly dependent on content. For most of us, it's a mix of original and shared content. The articles you share should be well written and helpful to others. But how do you find shareable, quality content? Enter Feedly. All you have to do is identify a website that provides [...]

Use Meetup to Get Connected

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If you’re looking for ways to learn new things and meet new people, try Set up a free account and add your interests and Meetup will let you know when new groups are started or existing groups meet. Group organizers join and pay a small fee to have a virtual meeting place for group events.

Finding a Job: Package Yourself for Success

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Today I spoke to a great group of people at Workforce Investment Network's (WIN) job club, a group of highly intelligent and qualified professionals who are currently in job transition. Finding a job isn't easy these days, but a good understanding of social media can help. We discussed ways to build a professional online presence [...]

Social Media, Tornadoes, and Sirens

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I admit I'm particularly freaky about thunderstorms, and when the tornado sirens go off, my blood pressure tends to rise precipitously as the barometric pressure falls. I was raised in Jonesboro, Arkansas in the 1960s and `70s. That was during the time that CB radios were the rage and Jonesboro was referred to as "Tornado [...]

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