Small Business Growth: 5 Lessons from Azalea Pruning

grow your small business

Small business growth is a bit like gardening. Sometimes you have to prune to stay healthy and flourish. Do you ever feel like work isn’t fun anymore? When I first started freelancing, I felt the need to say yes to every opportunity. Refusing potential work felt risky and unwise, and I accepted some less-than-thrilling projects. One crappy client convinced […]

Job Hunting? 6 Social Media Tips

job hunting social media

If you’re in the midst of a job search, do a social media audit. Check your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other online profiles for content you wouldn’t want your grandmother or your pastor to see.

3 Business Lessons From Water Skiing

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. — Publilius Syrus This quote reminds me of my younger days — I loved water skiing and wasn’t half bad. My siblings and I had our own slalom ski, which was bright blue with rainbow graphics. You should know that getting up on a slalom […]

3 Productivity Lessons from Fourth Grade Math

When my oldest, Elizabeth, was in the fourth grade, she asked for help with her math homework. Jim was at work, so in comes the B-team. I’m abysmal at math, so I felt proud to be able to help with material as advanced as fourth-grade math. A couple of days later Elizabeth brought the worksheet home. I’ve […]