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Keywords Aren’t Just For SEO
If you spend time with a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, they'll tell you to come up with 10 - 15 marketing keywords that you want to be found for online. FYI, I know very little about SEO and I value my clients enough to refer them to a real expert if they need these...
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do i need to blog?
Do I Need to Blog? Yes. Here’s Why.
I get this question often from clients who don't think they have the time to write original content: Do I need to blog? My answer is nearly always the same: Yes. Yes, and yes. Why is Blogging So Important? Google. I'm really talking about all search engines here, but for practical purposes, Google. According to...
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email marketing- beth g sanders
Email Marketing — What You Need to Know
Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, whether you're looking for sales, donations, or prospects, or just staying front of mind. When you're invited into someone's inbox (and you should always be an invited guest), it's a personal, one-on-one connection. At the moment they are looking at your message,...
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Dear Customer: You’re Fat and You Stink. Please Buy From Us.
Email marketing can be an effective tool — sometimes. Anyone with an interest in email knows that a strong subject line is the key to getting your message opened. I'm not sure the subject line below is the best approach. Here's how this recent email from AARP (Yeah, I know) looked in my inbox. I'll...
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You’re Out. 5 Reasons I Unsubbed From Your Email List
I subscribe to a ton of email newsletters. I filter them into a folder in Gmail and read them when I have time. Most of them I find informative and get ideas for content and inspiration for projects. So I like them. But in the past few months, I've unsubscribed from quite a few. With...
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