What’s Your Sign?

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What does your sign say about your organization? It's seen by a few or thousands, depending on your location. Would you buy an ad in your local newspaper or magazine and use the space in a way that confuses and/or alienates your audience? This church used their visual real estate unwisely and I'll guess that [...]

Thoughts from Leadership Summit 09

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This past Friday, Christ United Methodist Church was a satellite location for The Leadership Summit, sponsored by Willow Creek Community Church. I attended the second day and live-tweeted the event from the church’s Twitter account. Here are brief thoughts from each of the sessions. Dave Gibbons Thinking Forward: Third Culture Leadership Dave Gibbons is the [...]

Social Media: Listen.

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Dave Barger announces upcoming Social Media Expedition events As I mentioned briefly in this post, last Wednesday I participated in a panel discussion at the monthly Social Media Expedition breakfast. I attend this breakfast each month on the first Wednesday of the month from 7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. at various locations around [...]

Methodists Embrace Social Media

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Thanks to The United Methodist Reporter for the excellent story, Twittering Churches: United Methodists Connect Through Social Networking,by staff writer Bill Fentum. Bill's article highlights Methodist congregations that use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The Reporter, a national publication, recently interviewed me about my thoughts on social media in the church (Full [...]

Dear Church: Thou Shalt Broadcast

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Video can be a powerful communicator for your church or ministry, whether it's a slickly-produced, expensive promotional piece or just a quick interview in the church lobby. Show your audience not just the facts, but the heart of your church, staff or event. Now more than ever, it's widely accessible, even in today's economy with [...]

Dear Church: Unplug Thine Ears

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Did you ever get in trouble because you stuck your fingers in your ears to avoid something you didn't want to hear? Too many churches have their collective fingers in their ears with regard to the Internet and social media. It's no longer enough to throw up a Web site, update it once a month [...]

My Interview with Tony Campolo

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bgs with Dr. Tony Campolo Internationally-known author, speaker and pastor Tony Campolo spoke last week at my church, Christ United Methodist. I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with him. He could not have been more gracious, warm and easy to talk to. I also spoke to Lauren Wilson Young, a member of [...]