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Marketing For Small Business & Nonprofits

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Who Am I?

I’m Beth Gramling Sanders and for the past 14 years I’ve worked with small businesses, authors, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and freelance professionals to help them market online. Earlier this year, I released my first book, Online Success: 7 Steps to a Powerful Internet Presence, based on the questions my clients have asked over the years.

I help small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs create an online presence that attracts clients and maximizes revenue. Through social media, email marketing, and a strong website, they learn to build relationships with customers and prospects.

Raised in Jonesboro, Arkansas, I’ve been a Memphian since 1981 and love this crazy place. It’s home to internationally-acclaimed BBQ, the Mighty Mississippi River, Elvis, The Redbirds (AAA baseball), many excellent restaurants, The Peabody Hotel, not enough snow, and the most hellish summers on Earth. Memphis boasts an active tech community, and an increasingly fertile entrepreneurial environment, both of which I’ve been a part.

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