You Need SocialCamp Memphis if You Think …

You Need SocialCamp Memphis if You Think …

  • Twitter is stupid and useless. It’s not. Come and find out why.
  • Facebook is just for the kids. Not any more. Businesses, nonprofits and churches use it too. So should you if you’d like to catch up with old high school or college friends, stay up on the latest news from your favorite charities or stay in touch with business contacts.
  • a paper resume is enough. Are you kidding? This is 2009. LinkedIn is where it’s at. Learn how to leverage it to your advantage as you participate in business discussions through questions and answers, expose your profile to an endless network of potential employers and find new contacts.
  • a company Web site means you are high-tech. Of course a Web presence is essential, but it’s only a starting point. Web 2.0 means two-way communication as you listen to what your customers are saying and engage them in valuable interactive feedback.
  • blogging is only for moms and emo kids. Blogging is a great form of self-expression, but it’s so much more. Whether you are a freelancer, a large corporation or a small business, you can build relationships that allow customers and clients to see the personality that sets you apart from your competition.
  • you’ve always wanted an iPod shuffle, but it just isn’t in the budget.Come to SocialCamp. You just may win one of three we’re giving away as door prizes, thanks to RocketFuel.
  • and a zillion other reasons I don’t have time to write about. It’s a fun, casual, laid-back atmosphere with great people who are generous with information and ideas and welcome newcomers.

Our open conference format is similar to that of last fall's BarCamp Memphis

We’ll have multiple tracks so there is something for everyone from newbie to expert. There’s also a fun mixer Friday night where you can relax with a drink or two and meet the folks you’ll sit next to on Saturday.

Learn more about SocialCamp Memphis and register here. Your $40 registration fee covers breakfast, lunch, a cool bag of swag and so much learning your brain will explode. In a good way.

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    Good one.

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