Words, Pictures & Pixels

Words, Pictures & Pixels

I’m excited about this weekend’s TechCampMemphis. It’s an event for those interested in technology and those who want to learn more. There are sessions on everything from basic blogging and social media to content creation and curation, to highly technical programmy stuff with lots of initials I wish I understood.

I’m doing a session called Words, Pictures and Pixels (hence the title of this post). It’s about putting your best foot forward in all your communications, whether it’s the font you use for your business cards or copy for your website. I’ll talk about the grammar things that drive me nuts and kill your credibility, effective use of images and how to produce content for the Web.

We’ll talk about common grammar and style errors — the kind that are the Internet equivalent of wearing socks with sandals. Which you would never do, would you? So, don’t confuse there, their and they’re, and watch those apostrophes.

There will be a test, but there will also be candy, so it’s all good. (Note correct use of there.)

Here’s a sneak preview of what I’m planning to talk about.

  • Don’t use Comic Sans or Papyrus under any circumstances. No matter what. They are poison darts that will deflate your online reputation and there’s a good chance that puppies will die if you use these fonts.
  • Don’t get carried away with the capitalization. Don’t capitalize titles unless they immediately precede a name, don’t cap academic subjects and don’t cap random words in the middle of a sentence for no reason. But do cap Internet. It’s a proper noun.
  • Don’t use cheesy stock photographs. You know, the ones where they are trying to look diverse, so there’s an equal number of men and women and every ethnicity is represented. And they are all smiling and wearing really nice suits. We all know those people don’t really work for your company, so just skip it.

If you’re not sufficiently fascinated to be irresistibly drawn to TechCamp just for this presentation, remember there will be candy.

For more info, hit the TechCamp website, or follow the Twitter account. Most of all, come out on Saturday. You’ll get free snacks and lunch and you’ll meet some cool folk and maybe even learn something.

See you there. You’re coming, right?

Questions? Hit me up.

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