WordPress Memphis — October Meetup

WordPress Memphis — October Meetup

I’m excited about this week’s WordPress Memphis meetup. First, we’ll cover some basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques with Michael Myers, a local SEO guru. If you want to get your site noticed, you’ve got to know at least a little bit of SEO, so don’t miss it.

Then we’ll play around with our WordPressMemphis site in the admin area. We’ll start at the top and walk through each menu together. If we have time, we’ll look at themes and choose one.

WordPress Memphis admin area

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We have newbies, hardcore geeks and everyone in between, so if you’re interested come on out. We meet at the offices of LunaWeb at 5180 Park Avenue, Suite 305. Thanks to Dave Barger of LunaWeb for graciously hosting us.

Hope you can make it — for more information, see our Facebook page — to sign up for the group, go to our Meetup.com page. If you have specific questions, contact me.

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