WordPress Memphis Kickoff Wrapup

WordPress Memphis Kickoff Wrapup

WordPress Memphis Kickoff meeting at LunaWeb

Photo blatantly stolen from Dave Barger

What a great first meeting of our new WordPress Memphis group! We had about 16 WordPress enthusiasts, ready to learn. We’ve got a diverse group of experience level, ability and background.

We began with some networking time, pizza and wine, then brief introductions before we moved on to discuss Why WordPress, which I covered from my point of view in this post.

Then we looked at some great WordPress sites from the WordPress.org Showcase that got us excited about what we can do and demonstrated the flexibility of the platform; from Martha Stewart to Ford Motor Company.

As we learn together, we’ll have a virtual sandbox in which to play; it’s called WordPressMemphis.com. I’d like it to be a group project, where all can post ideas, tips, problems, questions or links as we work on it together. If we break it, we’ll all work on fixing it together. It promises to be a lot of fun.

Lastly, we took a quick walk through the ten things to do after a new WordPress install, which I gathered from posts at ProBlogDesign.com and CSS Tricks.

Next month, we’ll discuss search engine optimization (SEO) and we’ll actually get into the admin area and walk through step-by-step.

Here’s a list of upcoming events of interest:

Here are the slides from tonight’s meeting:

And, as promised, here’s my WordPress Resource list. I didn’t even begin to cover YouTube, which has a ridiculous number of WordPress-related video tutorials — just do a search on the term WordPress. Also, search iTunes for podcasts and you’ll find enough to annoy your family for weeks on end.

Check out our Meetup group and like us on Facebook to stay up on the meetings and events. We’ll meet on the first Thursday of each month at LunaWeb, 5180 Park Avenue, Suite 305.


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