Fayetteville Arkansas, Ozarks

Beautiful Ozarks in Arkansas (aka God’s Country)

I love learning about WordPress and I love going to conferences.

So it figures that my favorite conferences would be WordCamps. An entire day of WordPress goodness. Last fall, I attended WordCamp Birmingham and it was one of my favorite days ever.

In about a month, i’ll head to northwest Arkansas for WordCamp Fayetteville. I’m looking forward to the trip, some time away and, I hope, cooler temperatures.

They have three tracks: Blogger, Business and Developer. I’m planning to spend most of my time in the Developer track, not because I’m a developer (I wish I were), but because I like the more technical sessions, even if there is occasionally material that’s over my head.

Here are the sessions I’m planning to attend:

These promise to be great sessions; I’m always looking to broaden my CSS skills and Mitch never disappoints. And, goodness knows, I need to learn more about analytics.

If that all just sounds too awesome to miss, go sign up here.

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