Today I did the unthinkable. I dropped my iPhone into the toilet. Thankfully, it was the post-flush toilet, but that matters little. By the time I recovered from the shock and made it to the Apple store, the phone was pretty much dead except for some strange bluish-gray lines on the screen.

So if you are wondering why I love Apple so much, read on.

I had to go to the Apple store to buy some assorted things anyway, so I decided to take the phone with me — knowing that there is basically nothing that can be done with a water-saturated phone. I talked to one of the employees at the Genius Bar, who told me if I could wait awhile, she would see what they could do.

It is never any problem for me to kill time at the Apple store, so I hung around and after about half an hour she called my name and told me that Apple will repair the phone at no charge to me — and — I have a loaner iPhone for the weekend at no charge (it was supposed to be $30 for the loaner, but I think they felt sorry for me.). My repaired iPhone will be shipped to me inside of five days and I just have to send the loaner back to them.

Wow. I love Apple.

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