technologyDo you want to better understand technology? Would it help in your business, nonprofit, or church?

I talk to a lot of people about technology, social media, and how to use computers and software to be more productive. In the course of my work and social life, I meet a lot of people who wish they knew more about these topics. They want to keep up with young friends, children, or grandchildren, but just don’t know how to get started.

Since I love to help people learn, I’m writing an ebook for my mom. Well, not just for her, but she’s the inspiration.

She’s a smart woman who doesn’t understand technology and I’d like to help her and others like her. There might be some of you who wish you knew more about tech for your own purposes, or for your business or nonprofit work.

If you know what PHP stands for, how to concatenate, or aren’t afraid to drop a database table, this book is not for you.

It will  help you understand technology if even one of these is true:

  • You feel like you’re the last one to figure out how to post photos on Instagram and/or Facebook
  • You wish you knew more about social media, blogging, or how to update your own website
  • You have children and/or grandchildren in late elementary or preteen age group
  • You’re a nonprofit, church, or charity with a strong message and a small staff
  • You own a small business and need to connect with potential customers

The book will explain terms and concepts you may have heard people say, but may not understand. I’m also planning a glossary.

Here’s how you can help – answer these questions:

  1. What would you like to learn more about?
  2. What words confuse you?
  3. What do techie folk do that annoys, irritates or intimidates you?

Leave your ideas in the comments.


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