Tweetie for Mac OSX Desktop: First Day

Tweetie for Mac OSX Desktop: First Day

TweetieForMacI’m an early adopter, so I had anticipated today’s Tweetie download for the past few days. Tweetie is by far my favorite Twitter iPhone app, so I thought I’d try out the desktop version and have been well-pleased. I’m using the free version; the ads don’t bother me enough to pay the $14.95, at least for now.

I’ve used most every Twitter desktop client and they all have their strengths. Of late, I’ve liked Nambu best for its clean interface, multiple account support and threaded replies. The groups feature is also very nice.

I’m not a Tweetdeck fan; I found it too overwhelming as it took up too much screen real estate. I did appreciate the groups to some extent, so when Nambu came along with the groups feature and easier-to-deal-with interface, I loved it and still do. It’s actually my favorite of all I’ve used.

Things I like about Tweetie:

    • Simplicity — nice big icons on the left sidebar; easy to tell which account you’re tweeting from. blue dots highlight when you have an @ (or, to use the new term, mention) or a direct message.
    • Font Size — I require that the interface allows me to make the text bigger and this one makes it easy. I’m old. I want 14-point tweets.
    • Support for multiple Twitter Accounts — It’s easy to switch between accounts and the interface makes it obvious which account is active, which avoids embarrassing errors.
    • Speed/Stability — it’s the fastest of all the desktop clients I’ve tried; scrolling is smooth and I haven’t seen a beachball or a crash all day.
    • Ease of Use
      • Regular Mac OSX shortcuts — many work in Tweetie: to compose a new tweet, use Command+N, as you would to start any new document. To favorite a tweet, just type F, Command+R for an @ reply, Command+D for a direct message (DM).
      • It shows your own avatar on the right so you can easily find your last tweet.
      • Click on an avatar and it brings up that person’s profile and recent tweets in a new window. You can easily follow/unfollow from within Tweetie.
      • Scrolling — you can set your preferences so that you last-read tweet stays where you left it when new tweets are added. This eliminates have to scroll backwards to look for your last-read tweet after you’ve been away from your computer for a while.
      • Threaded DMs (see above photo) — an iChat-like interface shows all messages sent and received between you and the selected person.
      • Insert a photo – easy button in the pop-up tweet window. slickest of any I’ve seen.

Things I miss from other Twitter clients:

    • Mark All as Read — Unless I’ve just missed it, it’s not there.
    • Groups — I was really starting to use and enjoy groups feature in Nambu. Time will tell how much I’ll miss it.
    • Trends — I liked the trending topics links in both Nambu and Spaz, though Tweetie does have a nice built-in search

All in all, I like it a lot. I’ve used it all day and I’ll probably use it tomorrow. With those few additions, it could be the perfect Twitter desktop application.

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