Think Twitter is Useless? Think Again.

Think Twitter is Useless? Think Again.

twitterThis story will not surprise those of you who are active on Twitter. If you think it’s a stupid waste of time, read on.

Someone’s life was saved last night because of Twitter.

A person I follow tweeted earlier today:

Tweet 1: Helped saved man’s life last night, was suicidal. Got him 2 give me his phone no. Called him, kept him online while using cell 2 call police.

Tweet 2: Police traced the call. Was on phone when they took him to hospital. Really was a sad experience. How does one fall into such deep despair?

Tweet 3: By the way it was all because of Twitter!

Twitter is a hard thing to explain to those who don’t get it. It’s hard to understand why people I’ve never met care about what I had for lunch. But the truth is, it’s more than that.

People I’ve never met in person ask about my injured ankle, pray for me when I have my yearly mammogram and give me suggestions on wines I might like. I often get restaurant recommendations, technical advice and creative ideas from my Twitter friends.

So, if you don’t tweet, try it. Just for one month. You never know — you could save a life. I dare you.

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  1. Dave Barger October 30, 2008 at 5:28 am - Reply

    It’s always great to see warm stories come from Twitter. I reflect on Twitter sometimes as the Internet Darling. Very nice post. Great to have met you on Twitter, the first TweetUp, and at so many of the other Social Media and 2.0 events.

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