The Seven Deadly Sins of Twitter


  1. You’re an egghead. If you don’t have an avatar, I’m going to pass, and so is everyone else with any degree of Twitter savvy. The only explanations for the egg are a) you just don’t care enough, b) you have no idea what you’re doing and aren’t willing to learn, c) you are a nefarious spammer. Any of the three makes you not worth a follow. Get an avatar. It’s not difficult.
  2. You’re sketchy. No bio. And your name has no meaning. It’s no wonder you only have seven followers. I’m not going be number eight. At least write a bio that tells me why I should follow you, and choose a name that makes sense.
  3. You auto DM’d. I’ve been known to unfollow just for that. It’s not cool, or smart, it’s annoying. “Oh, awesome, you just sent me a DM to promote your product/book/website,” said no one. Ever. Stop it. Now.
  4. You validate me. There are automated validation services that purport to vet anyone who tries to follow you, to determine if they are spammers. Do not, under any circumstances, use one of these services. If you can’t figure out I’m not a dirty rotten spammer by looking at my profile, it’s not going to work out between us.
  5. You promise me followers. Not only will this not get you followed, I’ll report you for spam. I like my followers organic, real people, thankyouverymuch. Also, don’t buy them. They are meaningless and don’t impress anyone.
  6. You showed me your boobs/male parts. If your avatar or cover photo contain cleavage or male anatomy, forget it. I think that’s obvious. Also if your name is cheesy, dirty, or otherwise icky, forget it. I shouldn’t have to say this.
  7. You look spammy. If you have 12 followers, but are following 1200, you might be a creep or a spammer. If you’re just getting started on Twitter, take it slow; follow a few people at a time, build engagement with those, post great content and you’ll naturally attract more followers.

Remember, first impressions are important — you owe yourself the best. It’s OK to be a beginner, as long as you’re trying to learn. Just don’t be a sinner.

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