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Beth helped me set up my website MelanieSmithTaylor.com. She made it so simple for me to learn and then navigate through the various social medias like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all in one place. I love what she organized for me and highly recommend Beth to anyone who wants to keep up with new technology but doesn’t have time to learn the nuts and bolts themselves. Beth does the tedious work for you and keeps your part easy and fun!

Melanie Smith Taylor

1984 Olympic Equestrian Champion, Memphis, Tennessee

Beth has helped me quite a few times with both a website and a blog. Not only is she dependable and reliable, she is also patient! I love that while she is trouble shooting my issues, she is always in teaching mode to help me be a little more independent with my websites. Beth is both knowledgeable and insightful, which has been incredibly helpful. I highly recommend her and will certainly use her in the future.

Lynell Hecht

President, The Blessing Bell Company, Memphis, Tennessee

beth is a pleasure to work with. responds quickly to calls and emails and fulfills requests in a timely fashion.


Bookkeeper, New York City

Beth is one of the most talented and committed people I know. Not only is her work outstanding but her pleasant and professional attitude makes the process worth all the more. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Shane Stanford

Senior Minister, Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, Tennessee

We knew we needed help with our website and blogging efforts but fell into the “paralysis by analysis” trap. Beth came on board in what amounted to a general consultant role and helped remove some of the mystery, got us pointed in the right direction, and most importantly, gave us better confidence (and thus buy-in) when it came to implementing a strategy.
, , Memphis, Tennessee

Lang Wiseman

Former Attorney, Wiseman Bray PLLC, Deputy to the Governor and Chief Counsel Governor's Office, State of Tennessee

Beth has done a phenomenal job leading the social media efforts of our $13 million organization. She created the newsletter format we use for over 1200 subscribers and manages all aspects of our newsletter. We are grateful for her skills and spirit and are blessed to be able to work with her.

Drew Sippel

Executive Director, Capstone Education Group, Memphis, Tennessee

My client needed a new website and I wanted to find an outstanding developer to help with the design and implementation. Following several phone discussions and a face-to-face meeting, I selected Beth and introduced her to my client. Working with Beth was a pleasure – her competence and dedication was exemplary! Not only do we now have a visually stunning website that exceeded our requirements, but we also learned what we did not know – how and why to integrate our website into social media. Beth tirelessly answered our many questions before and after we “went live” and gave guidance that exceeded our expectations!

John Coons

Memphis, Tennessee

I have had the honor of working with Beth on a personal, professional and volunteer level. To sum it up: she’s my hero! Beth is an expert in social media and never stops learning! She is an early adapter who welcomes new technology and loves to put that to use for the good of any business she is working for — whether as an employee, volunteer or freelancer. But that’s not all — she’s also an amazing writer, graphic designer, web designer and speaker/teacher.

Jo Ellen Druelinger

Director of Communications, Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, Tennessee

I’ve worked with Beth in several capacities, and have admired her work, ethic, and zest for life more and more with each venture. Yes, she knows her stuff and can code circles around me, but it’s her discipline and character that is most impressive. Beth is one of the most humble and real people I have ever met – and she gives all of herself to every project. If you choose to work with her (and should!), you’ll walk away with an incredible end result, but also thankful that you entrusted your project to someone like her.

Rachel Smith

Salesforce, Chicago

Beth is the best! Whenever I’m having an issue with my company website, Beth is the person I turn to. An expert in WordPress, she is often able to think of a solution before even diving into the code. She’s been an invaluable resource. I highly recommend her to any small business that needs an outside hand. Thank you Beth!

Angela C.

Entrepreneur, Memphis, Tennessee

Creative, diligent, reliable, and technically savvy are the words that come to mind when I reflect on working with Beth!

Pam Coleman

ESB, Memphis, Tennessee


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