How to Understand Your Customers and Increase Sales

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If you'd like to increase sales, I have an exercise for you. I want you to begin to define your avatar(s). You may have more than one, in fact, you probably will. Wait - what’s an avatar? You may also have heard them referred to as personas. Same thing. You are putting yourself in the [...]

Do I Need to Blog? Yes. Here’s Why.

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I get this question often from clients who don't think they have the time to write original content: Do I need to blog? My answer is nearly always the same: Yes. Yes, and yes. Why is Blogging So Important? Google. I'm really talking about all search engines here, but for practical purposes, Google. According to [...]

WordPress Photo Gallery: Create Your Own Responsive Gallery

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Here's how to add a WordPress photo gallery for your blog or website; it's free and easy to do with WordPress' Jetpack plugin. The photo gallery Jetpack creates is clean and attractive and performs beautifully on mobile devices. It's easy to do. Here's a video that will show you exactly how to create your own gallery. [...]

How to Add a Facebook Widget to Your WordPress Site: Video

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Facebook page engagement is an increasingly tough assignment; as Facebook continues to tweak their algorithms, the changes generally make it more difficult for brands to get their posts seen. It's important to be sure your website visitors know how to connect with your Facebook page. I like the new Page Plugin that replaced the previous [...]

How to Create a WordPress Post: Video

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This video shows you step by step how to create a WordPress post. In the course of my WordPress web design work, I spend a lot of time doing orientation and WordPress training for my clients. I always want to leave them feeling confident about owning their website — editing and adding content, adding images, [...]

Copywriting for Your Website — Remember the Words

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How's your website? When you think about the answer to that question, you're probably thinking about the look, the design, and the colors. But what about the words? The best-designed website is a waste of time and money if your copy doesn't tell the reader about your unique selling proposition (USP) and how it fits [...]