GiveCamp Memphis: Where You Want to Be February 23 – 25

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Don't you love that feeling you get when you know you've made someone's life a little better? Yes? Good. I'm glad you feel that way, because that means you'll love GiveCamp Memphis. GiveCamp is an entire weekend of fun, food, and giving. I've participated since the first GiveCamp in 200? — I forget and each year [...]

Small Business Growth: 5 Lessons from Azalea Pruning

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Our lovely (but overgrown) azaleas Small business growth is a bit like gardening. Sometimes you have to prune to stay healthy and flourish. Do you ever feel like work isn't fun anymore? When I first started freelancing, I felt the need to say yes to every opportunity. Refusing potential work felt risky and unwise, and I [...]

Use Google Calendar to Keep Life & Work Organized

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Google Calendar is an essential productivity app that keeps you on top of events and tasks in work and life. In this video I'll show you how to use the app to keep track of personal and business appointments, set up reminders so you don't forget important tasks and events, and get calendars from other [...]

How to Add a Facebook Widget to Your WordPress Site: Video

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Facebook page engagement is an increasingly tough assignment; as Facebook continues to tweak their algorithms, the changes generally make it more difficult for brands to get their posts seen. It's important to be sure your website visitors know how to connect with your Facebook page. I like the new Page Plugin that replaced the previous [...]

Use Meetup to Get Connected

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If you’re looking for ways to learn new things and meet new people, try Set up a free account and add your interests and Meetup will let you know when new groups are started or existing groups meet. Group organizers join and pay a small fee to have a virtual meeting place for group events.

Words, Pictures & Pixels

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I'm excited about this weekend's TechCampMemphis. It's an event for those interested in technology and those who want to learn more. There are sessions on everything from basic blogging and social media to content creation and curation, to highly technical programmy stuff with lots of initials I wish I understood. I'm doing a session called [...]

You Gotta Blog. Here’s Why.

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These statistics on blogging are hard to believe, but they've been widely cited from reliable sources. I always advise the nonprofits and small businesses I work with to blog for this reason. The benefits are obvious, so why doesn't everyone have a blog? I think it's far more intimidating that it has to be. I [...]

Five Ways to Be a Better Coach

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I get technology. I love beta software, am all over Google Plus and am way more likely to blow too much money in the App Store than in a shoe store. Things that are part of my everyday routine, like RSS feeds, Evernote and the HTML interface in WordPress, make other people crazy. My husband, [...]

The Power of the Blog: Blogging 101 for Business and Nonprofit

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This Friday, September 17, I'll be speaking at the district conference of the Northeast Arkansas Advertising Federation. My breakout session, called When is a Website Not Enough? Now., is a talk on blogging for business. I'm looking forward to the chance to connect with some great folks from my home state and I love to [...]

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