How to Use Twitter, Part 4: Twitter Strategy and Execution

twitter strategy

The fourth and last post in my How to Use Twitter series is about building a solid Twitter strategy. Let’s put it all together and get to work. If you haven’t read earlier posts in the series, here are the links. Part 1: Get StartedPart 2: How to TweetPart 3: Lists and Hashtags Twitter Strategy […]

How to Use Twitter, Part 3: Lists and Hashtags

how to use twitter

This post will show you how to use Twitter lists and hashtags. I’ve referred briefly to these features in the previous posts in this series. Go read those now if you haven’t already. How to use Twitter, Part 1: Get StartedHow to Use Twitter, Part 2: How to Tweet How to Use Twitter Lists This […]

How to Use Twitter, Part 2: How to Tweet

how to tweet

This post is the second in my Twitter series that will go through April. If you haven’t read last week’s post, How to Use Twitter, Part 1: Get Started, go catch up now, then come back and read about how to tweet. Twitter was established as a microblogging platform, which means users post small, short […]