Commonly Misused Words

commonly misused words

24 Words to Watch Out For These are the most commonly misused words I see online. This post is a quick guide to the correct usage* of these words. Now more than ever, how we speak, write, and express ourselves online is crucial. Good writing can make the difference between success and failure; poor writing, […]

Online Reviews: How to Handle Them

online reviews

Online Reviews Can Make or Break You Online reviews are a fact of business life. Like it or not, your customers are free to express themselves where it concerns your product or service. There’s little you can do to prevent negative reviews other than provide a level of service that discourages them. Even then, there’s […]

Writing Tool: Expresso

Writing for the internet requires the ability to make a point quickly. Readers are busy and stressed, there is far too much noise online, and few of us have the time or inclination to read long blocks of text. [Tweet “The best online writing is tight, with no extraneous words, and important points stated clearly […]

Marketing and Fried Chicken


KFC’s Colonel Sanders can teach us a lot about small business marketing. He crafted his chicken recipe based on customer feedback.

Editing is Important — Use the Right Words

I’ve always thought it would be fun to be a technical consultant on a hit TV show. Most shows have advisors of some sort; they are the physicians, attorneys, computer experts, or other professionals who teach actors to correctly pronounce long, complicated technical terms and look good doing it. In the 90s, police drama NYPD Blue employed […]

Communication Differences and Singing Pigs


Recently, I spoke to a friend about his work. I’ll call him Art. Art’s a smart techie guy. He was frustrated and venting because, in the course of his work with clients, he realized that his clients really didn’t understand what he did and how to tell him what they needed. Often they would leave […]