Finding a Job: Package Yourself for Success

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Today I spoke to a great group of people at Workforce Investment Network's (WIN) job club, a group of highly intelligent and qualified professionals who are currently in job transition. Finding a job isn't easy these days, but a good understanding of social media can help. We discussed ways to build a professional online presence [...]

iPad2 Line

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It's gonna be a long day at the Apple store. A few supplies are in order. I'm seventh in line, which is not bad for arriving at 8:30. The requisite cooler with cold Diet Coke   A Thermos full of strong hot tea (orange spice) And last, but not least ... [...]

Beta App Review: Sparrow for Gmail Keeps it Simple

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As an inveterate early adopter, I love new software and beta is one of my favorite words. For some time I've forwarded all my email accounts through Gmail and make heavy use of its filtering capabilities. I regularly use Mailplane, a desktop email reader for Mac but the notification about Sparrow, a new Gmail desktop [...]

iOS 4 Rocks

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If you're an iPhone user and as geeky about it as I am, you've probably already done the iOS 4 upgrade. I did it last night and, while it took a bit of time, it was well worth it. This is by no means an exhaustive review, just my first impressions of the features that [...]

iGot iPhone!

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After 12 hours of waiting in line, Elizbabeth & I left the Apple store with our iPhones in hand at about 6:15 p.m. yesterday. Just as you would expect from Apple, the packaging is phenomenally cool. The wait was long and hot but the Apple store and its employees made it so much more pleasant. [...]