SocialCamp Memphis Helps Parents Clue In

SocialCamp Memphis Helps Parents Clue In

When: March 6 – 7, 2009
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

You should come if:

  • you have never heard of Twitter and don’t understand why the word friend is now in regular use as a verb.
  • you think being followed online means a call to the police is in order.
  • your kids are into Facebook and you are clueless.
  • you kind of know what social media is and want to learn more.
  • you are a social media enthusiast and like to network with other geeks.

Voting for afternoon topics at BarCamp Memphis

As the parent of a teenager and a 20-year-old, I know that parents cannot afford to be clueless about technology and social media, because your kids most assuredly are not. Chances are they are active on Facebook at a minimum and possibly other online networking sites as well. Whether or not you enjoy technology, you must understand new media to properly protect your kids.

We offer a Social Media 101 track for those who need basic information to understand the technologies and their use. You will learn from experienced users of these media how they apply to your life and the lives of the young people you care about.

For the geeks, there are plenty of advanced topics presented by experts — from search engine optimization (SEO) in social media to aggregration of feeds to the use of social media in business and government to name a few.

SocialCamp will follow the unique unconference format; morning sessions will be set in advance; afternoon sessions will be voted on as shown above. Topics with the most votes will be presented.

Friday night before the conference, we’ll have a fun mixer so you’ll get to meet and network with other attendees, presenters and organizers. Saturday’s atmosphere is casual and includes breakfast, lunch and unlimited networking, conference swag and a chance to win some pretty cool door prizes; cost for the day is $40. For more information, see our Web site and/or email me. See you there!

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