Guess what, y’all? I’m about to release an online social media course just for nonprofits.

I’ve been thinking and talking about it for so long, and I’m finally releasing my first online course.

It’s written the course especially for nonprofits who need help with social media. Based on the feedback from a very successful workshop I presented several months ago, I’ve adapted the workshop material to the course format.

It includes worksheets, an ebook of the entire course that you can take with you wherever you go, and a private Facebook group where we’ll help each other and I’ll pop in regularly. There will also be periodic Facebook Live broadcasts.

Watch this (very short) video to get more info.

To get a taste of what the course will offer, sign up for my free webinar that begins a week from today — there are two dates to choose from, April 29 and April 30.

There’s nothing to lose except a little bit of time and the social media knowledge you need to grow your support.

Click the button to sign up for the FREE webinar.