Social Media Expedition: Twilight Camp

Social Media Expedition: Twilight Camp

Yesterday about a dozen people met at Sekisui Pacific Rim on Poplar Avenue for the second  Social Media Expedition Twilight Camp. Organized by Dave Barger of Lunaweb, the Social Media Expedition is a group that explores how social media can be used in all areas of life; business, personal and charitable pursuits.

The setting is a bit less structured than the morning breakfasts. After some informal conversation and networking over sushi, we split into smaller core groups to explore a couple of different topics.

One group discussed Oprah’s foray into Twitter and its potential effects — not the least of which is this afternoon’s anticipated fail whale. Will Oprah’s and other celebrities’ presence on Twitter change it for the rest of us?

The other group discussed video production for the Web and the popularity and usefulness of more casual, less slickly-produced video and the authenticity it lends. Conversation drifted to online privacy concerns and Facebook’s customizable, granular settings and group functions.

There were several new faces and, as always, this group is warm, welcoming, open and eager to share expertise. Several of them I’ve come to know as friends, which, in itself demonstrates the value of social media: I met them all through Twitter.

The next Social Media Expedition gathering will be the May 6 breakfast at the Holiday Inn on Central Avenue, across from University of Memphis. Breakfast meetings are 7:30 a.m. the first Wednesday of each month. Cost is $20 and includes a great buffet breakfast, all the networking you can stand, a presentation by an expert in a social media-related field and breakout core conversations in smaller groups.

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