Who I Am

Hi y’all, I’m Beth.

beth gramling sandersI’m Beth Gramling Sanders, author, speaker, web designer, marketing and social media consultant — I wear a lot of hats.

What makes me an excellent all-of-the-above? Well, 14 years of experience as a consultant and coach, helping my clients build and grow their small businesses to begin with.

I started using social media in 2006 — before it became popular — and have used it to build the business I have today. I’m a lifelong learner and grow restless when I’m not in the process of gaining new knowledge and skills.

My oldest daughter and I camped in line for 12 hours when the first iPhone launched June 27, 2007. I love new technology and still remember the thrill of reading email on my phone for the first time — and the utter despair as I dropped it in the toilet three weeks after purchase (Apple replaced it).

If you remember Plurk, Gowalla, Doodle Jump, and the original Motorola Razr phone, you may be as much of an early adopter as I am.

I’m an avid St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan, lover of all things Apple, The New York Times crossword puzzle aficionado, HGTV nut, and am known widely for my disdain for a misplaced apostrophe.

My husband, Jim, and I live in Jonesboro, Arkansas and have two grown daughters and two (rescue) fur children.