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7 Small Business Holiday Marketing Tips

It’s time to start thinking about holiday marketing for your small business. In fact, if you’re just starting to plan your holiday marketing, you’re behind.

According to Crowdspring, the holiday months drive 30 percent more revenue for e-commerce businesses than other months. Brick-and-mortar sellers also enjoy increased consumer spending during November and December. Don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on this built-in boost.

Here are seven small business holiday marketing tips to help you get it together before the season.

  1. If you’re brick and mortar, enlist nearby businesses for holiday specials. if there are businesses near you whose products complement your own, combine your efforts to create a holiday destination. Maybe you’re a bakery, and your next-door neighbor is a home decoration boutique – draw more customers to both by coordinating holiday events.
  2. Plan around existing, more established holiday events in your town. for example, offer hot chocolate after the holiday parade while customers browse during special holiday hours.
  3. Combine holiday shopping with a cause. Offer a discount for donations to the local toy or food drive. partner with local nonprofits to raise money or collect donations.small business holiday marketing
  4. if applicable, offer special activities – how-to classes – holiday decorating, cooking, etc., anything that ties in with your products or your image. You may even invite special guests from the community to present – be creative.
  5. Invite customers and prospects in for wine/cheese night or other appetizers, along with discounts.
  6. Grab on to established days — Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday – these have built in name recognition – use the hashtags.
  7. Create a branded hashtag for your holiday marketing and invite customers to post user-generated content using your hashtag. You can share the content they create and at the same time enjoy the social proof.

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Above all, don’t panic if you’re just getting started. Yes, you may be a bit behind, but it’s not too late. One advantage of a small business is you can move quickly. Just be creative and think about what will delight your customers this holiday season.


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