Scannable: More Productivity From Evernote

Scannable: More Productivity From Evernote

productivityDo you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day for all you need to do? Me too.

That’s why I’m interested in apps that increase my productivity and help me use my time wisely.

I have a couple of requirements for go-to apps; they must:

  1. Be available on both desktop and mobile platforms
  2. Integrate with other apps and services I use.

Here’s one called Scannable that’s just been released by the folks at Evernote, which is the one app I cannot live without.

Scannable is dead simple to use; it automatically finds the document, captures it quickly and allows you to share or save it in whatever way you wish with one tap.

Heres how it works.

Hold your phone over the document you wish to scan (This happens to be my Word Origin of the Day calendar).

Scan documents easily with Scannable

Hold your mobile device over the document — the app will detect it automatically and begin the scan when it’s at the right distance.


When the app finds the document, it scans and you'll see the blue overlay.

When the app finds the document, it scans and you’ll see the blue overlay.


It’s important that the document is sitting on a contrasting background — white paper, dark desk or table. When the scan is finished, you’ll see this screen.

Scan documents for productivity

Click the blue “share” icon at the bottom of the window to share the document.


You can share your document via email or text, export it to iCloud apps, send it to Pocket, Facebook, Twitter or save it to your iPhone Camera Roll. I save my scanned documents to Evernote, which can process the text inside the document so it’s searchable.

Share your document

Share your document


I see myriad uses for this – scanning business cards, receipts, family documents … pretty much anything you need to keep, organize, and remember.

If you’re trying to reduce clutter in your home or office, try it out. Best of all, it’s free.

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