Save Your Kindle Reading Notes — Organize in Evernote

This is a quick little tip on how to save notes from books you read on your mobile device.

Are you a Kindle user or an Kindle app user? It’s my go-to for reading. I love to read books on my iPad and even sometimes on my phone. The advantages are:

  • I can make the text as large as I like to avoid eye strain
  • The entire book is searchable
  • It’s easier to take multiple books with you on a trip when they’re stored digitally
  • My sometimes fickle mind may or may not wish to read the book I chose to bring with me, so it’s great to have a selection of books
  • Kindle books are generally less expensive than their paperback or hardback counterparts

Even if you don’t have a Kindle device, the free Kindle app works well on both iOS and Android tablets and phones, and on my laptop as well.

It took me some time to discover this, but I realized that the passages I highlight are actually stored in the cloud in my Amazon account. As many of the books I read are work related, I like to keep notes for future reference. Here’s how I do it.

Once you’ve opened the book, highlight the passage you want to save — choose whichever color you like.

kindle app highlights
From One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season by Tony LaRussa, 2012

Now sign in to your Amazon account, and go to There you’ll find a list of books and your highlighted material.

Delete extraneous words you highlighted accidentally by clicking on the “Options” link at right

Save to Evernote

The next part is optional, but I like to keep all of my resources organized and in one place, so I use Evernote, an app that helps you organize information into notebooks, to keep my reading notes together.

While on the Highlights page, I click the Evernote Clipper (a free browser extension that allows you to clip articles and images directly into the app). The Clipper lets you choose which notebook to send the selection to and which tags to use.

You can see I’ve tagged this note with personal, baseball, and booknotes.

Evernote search on the tag booknotes

Now when I want to find my reading notes, I just open Evernote, and do a search for the term booknotes. You can use any word you choose for the tag, just be sure it’s something you’ll remember.

Enter tag: booknotes in the search bar above and there’s my list of reading notes. I could now share them, export them, or just keep them in Evernote to refer to. You see my LaRussa quote first because it’s the most recent, then the rest of the list in the left column.

It’s even easier than a physical book and a yellow highlighter because your text is — remember — 100 percent searchable.

Questions? Hit me up in the comments.

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