QR Code Ad: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

QR Code Ad: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

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Last year, I wrote about the first QR code I ever saw in a print ad. As we in the U.S. become more familiar with these codes, advertisers are using them more effectively. For the most part.

This one from Bed, Bath & Beyond is mostly awesome. In their circular, they used three QR codes, two of which resolve to mobile-optimized sites which featured a video about the product. Like this one …
QR code ad for mattress

Which goes to this …
Bed Bath Beyond mobile site with mattress video

And this one …
QR code ad from Bed Bath & Beyond

That goes here — also a win …

And then we get to this one …
QR code ad for Bed Bath & Beyond college list

That resolves to this. A college checklist is a good idea, but this? A little tough to read on an iPhone.

It should be obvious, as QR codes are scanned with mobile phones, that the URL they resolve to should be a mobile-friendly site. But this shows us that even the big guys don’t have it all figured out yet.

So, let me say this clearly: please point your QR code to a mobile-optimized site or risk frustrating, annoying and alienating your reader.

How often do you scan QR codes in ads?

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