WordPress Maintenance (Monthly)

My WordPress maintenance packages takes all of your website worries away. Rest easy knowing your plugins are updated, your site is backed up, and your site is free of malware.

$45.00 / month



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Everything needs maintenance. Your car, your house, your air conditioner and just about everything else you own.

Your website needs maintenance too. According to a report by Sucuri, a WordPress security service, 61 percent of hacked WordPress sites had outdated plugins, themes, or old versions of WordPress.

My WordPress maintenance packages takes all of your website worries away. Here’s what I’ll do to keep your website safe and up to date:

  • Plugin Updates • This keeps your site secure and running smoothly and avoids the security risks of out-of-date plugins.
  • Theme Updates • Just as plugins need to be updated, your themes do as well. Theme authors periodically publish security patches (a fix for a problem in a theme) and updates to keep the themes compatible with updated versions of WordPress.
  • WordPress Updates • WordPress regularly updates their software to add new features, enhance security, and ensure overall performance.
  • Security checks • Regular security scans to check for malware or hacking.
  • Backups • Full backups (you can never have too many backups). Your site can be restored in about 10 minutes in an emergency. Can you say peace of mind?
  • Database Optimization • This keeps your database clean and free of clutter, which helps your site run faster and more smoothly. Think Marie Condo cleaning up your site and getting rid of things you don’t need.
  • Performance Checks • Checking site performance and speed, which helps you rank better in search engines.

The maintenance package includes monitoring your site for issues on a daily basis, updating themes and plugins where needed and running database optimization. Any services outside the scope of the services listed above will be invoiced at an hourly rate of $90. For example, malware that is found and must be remediated.

I won’t do any billable work without your approval. If I do find a problem, I’ll inform you and you’ll approve any work that’s needed.

You’ll be billed automatically and you can pay online.


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