Periscope: Social Media in Real Time

Periscope: Social Media in Real Time

Have you used Periscope? It’s a relatively new app that lets you “broadcast” (their term) what’s going on in your world. It’s real time, and your followers can indicate that they like your video by touching the screen, which produces tiny hearts that flow up from the bottom of the screen.

The app is fun, but also has some serious possibilities. It’s already being used by several television programs and news organizations. Ellen DeGeneres has excelled at the integration of social media and traditional media and has provided behind the scenes glimpses of production meetings and commercial breaks.

Generally when a new social platform emerges, there is a small group of early adopters that populate it, and that’s mostly who’s there now. But it’s worth a serious look even in the early stages.

Here’s how it works.

Social media app Periscope lets you broadcast video in real time.

Click “Start Broadcast” to start recording. You can opt to keep it private, send to selected friends, or auto post to Twitter.


browse video in periscope social media app

Open the app and you can browse videos to watch. If no one you’re following is live, you can still watch replays.


Periscope will show you users you follow on Twitter to help you get started.

Periscope will show you users you follow on Twitter to help you get started.


Here's what your video will look like. I shot this the other night on my patio.

Here’s what your video will look like. I shot this the other night on my patio.

And, in case you’re interested, here’s the actual video of my lovely patio lights.

It’s a fun app. Try it. Right now everyone is figuring it out, so it’s pretty low-risk, in terms of making a fool of yourself. After all, I got quite a few hearts on my patio lights.

I see a lot of potential uses:

  • Church. In fact, last week I shot a Periscope video during church of our worship band and posted it to Twitter. I also think it would be great for musicians hoping to give listeners a taste.
  • Family. You could shoot a private video for family, or record an important event for family members, such as graduation, award ceremonies, or just baby’s first steps.
  • Business. What a great way to introduce a new service or special, or just pass along tips to customers. Short how-tos or demonstrations would work well.

What others can you think of? Will you use Periscope? Right now, it’s iPhone only, but I’m sure an Android version is forthcoming.

I do. Find and follow me. Because you don’t want to miss the patio lights.

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  1. Jennifer Connolly April 21, 2015 at 11:07 am - Reply

    You’re hilarious about it being new, so low risk for making a fool of myself. Right there, it appeals to me. I’ve never heard of it so I’ll check out!

  2. beth g sanders April 21, 2015 at 1:56 pm - Reply

    Ha. I was there in the early stages of Twitter and it’s so much fun when it’s new. Enjoy Periscope!

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