Perception Can Be Nauseating

Perception Can Be Nauseating

Last weekend Jim and I had a party to go to and stopped in at one of our favorite casual places to eat on the way. I won’t name the place, because it’s locally owned, their food is amazing and fresh and they don’t deserve the negative publicity.

When we were almost finished with our meal (which was amazing, of course), I noticed this, which I then posted on Instagram:

This just grossed me out. Though she wasn’t our waitress, all I could think of was her pulling that out of her pants and plopping it on our table. Then poor Jim would have to pick it up after it had been … well, you know where. Ugh.

So despite Jim’s eye rolling and obvious desire to distance himself from me, I called the manager over and voiced my concern. With a slight smile, she explained to me that what was in the girl’s pants was not the check that would be brought to a diner’s table for payment; it was her own personal book that she used to keep up with orders — or something like that.

Even so … it was impossible to tell the difference. Anyone who casually glanced at the girl’s backside would assume that’s the holder in which that their check would come to them. And, if they’re anything like me, their stomach would do a turn or two.

The restaurant’s inspection scores have been excellent, so their standards of cleanliness are obviously high. But if customers think they are getting a check that has been thisclose to someone’s bare butt … ?

So what does that say about perception? Obviously there’s no violation here, no one has really done anything wrong. But it looks disgusting. And the last thing I want to think about while I’m eating out is someone’s hindquarters.

Your customers’ perceptions are their reality. Step back and take a careful look at your website, print materials and other online communications. What might someone wrongly assume that would make their stomach turn? If you can’t be objective, ask an outspoken friend.

Or is it just me?

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