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Static Pages

Static pages have content that does not necessarily change. These can be a Contact page, About page, Services, and, of course a Home page. You provide initial content, but you’ll learn how to update pages yourself, so you can change it at will.

Social Media Links

Social links will be added to your site for any social media profiles you choose. Icons can be provided if you wish, or you can use your own.

Social Media Embedded Widgets

Social widgets, such as your Twitter or Instagram feed, or a Facebook box can be incorporated into your site.

Mobile Responsive

As the majority of users will access your site via a mobile device, it will be responsive to display properly on various mobile screens.

Theme Customization

There are WordPress themes that look great right out of the box; but you don’t want to look like everyone else. According to the package you purchase, I’ll make changes to the theme to better reflect your personality and mission.

WordPress Orientation*

I’ll spend an hour, either in person or via Skype or Google Hangout, walking you through the WordPress interface so you’re comfortable managing and updating your site on your own.


A blog gives you the ability to provide regular fresh content, which not only keeps your audience interested, but also helps your search engine rankings. I’ll set up the categories you specify, and add your blog to the site navigation.

Email Capture**

Email marketing is an important part of a comprehensive online presence. If you use one of the major email providers (MailChimp, Constant Contact), I’ll integrate an email capture form on your site that will help you grow your mailing list.


Donation Form (PayPal)

If you’re a nonprofit, online donations are a must. I’ll set up a form for both one-time and recurring donations and integrate it with PayPal.

ECommerce Integration

Sell products and/or services on your site — whether physical products or downloads.

Landing Pages

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