Like, Noooo, I Don't Twitter …

I just read this article, Why Teens Haven’t Embraced Twitter … Yet, and have often wondered the same thing. They are all over Facebook, can type about 100 words per minute with their two thumbs and spend hours on Youtube, so it’s not a lack of technology awareness.
Since both of my girls, 16 and 20, have alternately described Twitter as creepy, geeky, dorky and stupid, I asked Sara Ann, 16 (right, multitasking with Blackjack and IPod Touch), why Twitter holds no interest in her age group.

The conversation went something like this:
bgs: So, I just read this article online and I’m curious: why don’t you tweet?
Sara Ann: I don’t know (shrugs).
bgs: Because you think it’s dorky?
Sara Ann: Yeah (shrugs again).
bgs: Because Mom & Dad tweet and it’s icky to do things your parents do?
Sara Ann: No. I don’t care about that.
bgs: It lets you communicate with a lot of people at the same time, kind of like a group chat with only 140 characters.
Sara Ann: We text.
bgs: Yeah, but you can see what everyone is saying, not just one person.
Sara Ann: We do that on Facebook.
Bgs: oh. Ok.

Obviously, I’m no Barbara Walters, but what she’s saying is, we don’t need Twitter because we already have other tools that fill those needs. To try to convince her to tweet because I love it might work, but it’s more likely to elicit an eyeroll.
Though the article predicts that it will eventually catch on with the high school and college set, I’m not so sure. They really have no reason to change the way they share information; from their point of view there is no added benefit. And, it’s dorky.
Do you tweet? If so, follow me; if not, check it out, but only if you are really interested.

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