iPhone Applications I Really Wouldn’t Want to Do Without

iPhone Applications I Really Wouldn’t Want to Do Without

Though I have loved my iPhone from Day One, when Apple opened it up to third-party applications, it became even more indispensable.

Remember the Milk • free • This is actually a Web-based application, but it a great, simple to-do list. Syncs between Web and phone and you can prioritize tasks and create recurring items.

everEvernote • free •  When you are reading something on the Web that you want to save and read later, or just want to keep for reference, this app is very handy. There is also a desktop version, so you can sync between Web, desktop and phone. You’ll always have something to read.

delDelicious • free •  Access Delicious bookmarks from the phone. You can also edit, tag and make bookmarks.

wpWordPress • free • Allows access to WordPress blog. I can write posts and save drafts on the phone. Allows multiple WordPress sites. Great for blogging on the run.

LinkedIn • free • Access LinkedIn from your phone. Great interface, easy to update status, see connections and add or edit information.

Facebook • free • Access your Facebook profile. Update status, add photos, edit information; so far I haven’t run into anything I can’t do from the phone.

Twitterific • free for basic, $9.99 for Premium •  The Premium version is free of ads and lets you choose a light or dark interface. Either way, this is my favorite Twitter app for the iPhone and I’ve tried them all. I’m constantly connected to Twitter, so this is probably my most-used application.

Pandora • free • I love my Pandora station when I’m working on projects at home. Now I can take it in the car or anywhere else I have Internet access. Great for those times I’m tired of my iTunes playlist.

YouVersion • free • This Bible application from LifeChurch.tv allows you to add your own resources to help your study; photos, comments, video, and read the contributions of others.


Strictly Fun Stuff:

Crosswords • $9.99 • Since I’m addicted to crosswords, this application is one of my favorites. Great interface, relatively challenging puzzles, though some are pretty easy. Lets you stop and pick back up where you left off. Well worth the $$.

Scrabble • $9.99 • Great Scrabble game. Easy to see tiles and game board. Can play against the computer or multiple players.

Solebon Solitaire • $.99 • Great value for less than $1. Lots of games, easy-to-see cards. Last update added several new games as well.

Tap Tap Revenge • free • Guitar Hero for iPhone. Addictive.

IPhone or Blackberry users, what are your favorite apps?

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