iOS Magazine Apps Now Available for iPhone

iOS Magazine Apps Now Available for iPhone

If you like reading articles from varied sources on your iOS devices, you’re in luck, as there have been several recent releases of interest.

Flipboard • One of the first apps I installed after I unboxed my brand-new iPad2. Nice, readable interface and a great way to read articles and catch up on services like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all in one place. Easy integration with Twitter and other social networks makes sharing content a snap. You can also save articles directly to Instapaper to read later. Now available for iPhone as well.

Flipboard ipad home screen

Flipboard home screen on the iPad

Zite • Another of my favorite iPad apps; customize your own personal magazine by selecting topics of interest. You can use their categories or your own search terms. The app opens to a “Top Stories” section that gives you an overview of the latest content on topics you’ve indicated an interest in. You can easily share the story or save it for later, and, in addition, you train Zite to personalize your content based on your selections from the right-hand column. It’s also now available for iPhone.

Use the selections in the right column to customize your content.

Google Currents • Brand-new for iPhone, iPad and Android. Beautiful clean interface, that, like Flipboard and Zite, allows you to customize the content you’d like to see. It also has a “trending” section for late-breaking news. Like the others, you can choose from their topics or your own search terms, and sharing and saving for later are easily done.

google currents for iPad

I love the pop-up table of contents that lets you quickly scan the content.

Which one is best? I really can’t say; there are things about all three I like. I use them to read and discover different content; Flipboard pulls in feeds from Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, Zite helps me discover content on topics a bit outside my usual content areas and I’m using Currents to read magazines on several different subjects.

As they are all free, I’d recommend all three; play around and see which interface you prefer.

Do you have a favorite? Which one and why?

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