I love to write. About anything. And everything.

This site has been active in one form or another since 2006. Since then, I’ve written about life with teenagers, sending kids off to college, special family occasions, things that make me mad, killing a snake, creepy t-shirts seen at Wal-Mart, strange dreams, Cardinal baseball, and places I’ve been from Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas to Manhattan.

Mixed in with all of this fun has been a good number of posts related to my work on WordPress, technology, communications, writing, social media, and my portfolio.

Over the past few months, I’ve decided to separate work and play, and I’ve set up a new blog, called life and beth for all of the non-work stuff. I’m not starting from scratch, I’ve exported all the non-work-related content there, along with comments. This site will primarily be a repository for my thoughts on professional topics and material designed to help small businesses, nonprofits, and churches communicate online.

So, I’m officially introducing life and beth. Go check it out. Click the pic to go there and read about my World Series experience.


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