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Instagram Marketing: Beat Instagram at the Link Game

Why Instagram Marketing Can Be Frustrating

instagram marketing

Yes, Instagram marketing can make it difficult to share your content, as, unlike other social platforms, you can’t post a link in an Instagram caption. Here’s how I get around this.

I set up a page called My Instalanding here on my site. I’m used to doing landing pages for everything else, so one day I just had the idea to do an Instagram landing page. Why didn’t I think of this before? Probably because it’s too simple.

You can go to the page but I’d like you to keep reading here, so I’m going to make it easy with screenshots.

online marketing landing page


The top of my landing page has my three latest posts. When I add a new post, I make an image for Instagram (1080 x 1080px) and add text. The one thing that will actually link in an Instagram caption is an Instagram username. So I add “Link in profile @bethgsandersonline.” That takes you directly to my profile, where the link to my page is, as you can see below. The URL shows you that it’s related to Instagram.


instagram landing page


So now that I’ve got you on my page, I may as well promote some free offerings, right? Can’t hurt. So I added this section.


free online marketing course


Which is, of course, since I’m a marketer, followed by a signup form for the course. There’s also this (below), which is a signup for a free ebook and my social follow icons. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can sign up for my regular newsletter (you’ll get the free ebook) or my online course on the landing page. 😊


free marketing ebook

I’m probably not the only person who has thought of this. In fact, I’ve seen services (free, paid, and freemium) that offer this very arrangement. But why not keep it on your site and get the traffic to your site instead of someone else’s? I’m selfish that way.

Execution Tips

If you use WordPress you may have a theme that has a drag and drop builder, such as Divi, or the theme I use, Avada. If so, this is ridicuously simple. Just set up a full-width page (you want to minimize the distractions of a sidebar, or even a menu) using your theme’s full-width template. You select your page template in the right column just under the Update/Publish button.

Then drag a blog module into your builder. This will vary based on what theme you use. The Avada theme has a blog module that can pull any number of posts you wish. You can choose whether or not to add thumbnails and other elements of your posts. If you don’t have a theme with a builder, you can add the links manually as you add new posts or you can use a recent posts plugin.

Add anything else you’d like your visitors to see. Don’t go overboard; you’ll find most experts will tell you to only include one call to action (CTA) on your landing page. I’m breaking that rule here, and I may reconsider at some point.

This setup is pretty automated as the Avada blog module automatically fills the post, so I don’t have to think about it. Using Instagram? Make yourself a landing page so you can share your content easily.

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