iGot iPhone!

iGot iPhone!

After 12 hours of waiting in line, Elizbabeth & I left the Apple store with our iPhones in hand at about 6:15 p.m. yesterday. Just as you would expect from Apple, the packaging is phenomenally cool.

The wait was long and hot but the Apple store and its employees made it so much more pleasant. They brought us coffee from Starbucks and cold bottled water, they frequently came out to check on us and ask if everyone was ok, and by the time the store reopened at 6:00, the anticipation made us all forget about the 90+ degree Memphis heat.

Early in the day — there were probably about 20 – 25 people in line at this point, a guy from the local Mac user group came by with free t-shirts. Very cool, as the only people who got them were people who stood in line. On the front, they had three of the iPhone icons and the caption reads, iGot iPhone, on the back it has the date and says, i was there. Very, very cool.


Jennifer and David were the first in line. They had driven from New Orleans and arrived at Saddle Creek at about 5:00 a.m. Thursday. There was another couple from Jonesboro, Arkansas who arrived about the same time. Here is one of the local news stations interviewing David and Jennifer.



Here’s Elizabeth with a couple of the guys we waited with. The guy on the right just finished law school at Ole Miss, so he, his friend (not pictured) and Elizabeth enjoyed discussing Oxford nightlife.The guy on the left is a former Apple employee and was interviewed by television news crews from each of the local stations.



The line sometime during mid-morning; if you are here at this point, you have earned the t-shirt.









At 2:00 p.m., the Apple store closed. We watched as store employees covered with windows with black plastic.





The front of the line





Yet another TV news anchor interviewing Hayes.



Cameras were poised and ready for the doors to open.



The line grew longer throughout the day. I felt sorry for the folks near the back, because they were basically in full sun in midday. And they didn’t get t-shirts.



Still another interview for Hayes.


Kern, Brad and the rest of the Apple employees were jealous of our t-shirts. Of course, we’re always jealous of their t-shirts.


And we’re in!



Elizabeth and I really had a lot of fun. We had a great group of people around us and it was just like one big party. Except it was really, really hot.

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