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[themify_col grid=”2-1 first”] how to post to Instagram from Hootsuite
It should be easy, but it’s not. The process is a little clunky, but it works.[/themify_col] [themify_col grid=”2-1″] How to do a LinkedIn search
Find people, companies, and potential connections with a targeted search.[/themify_col]


[themify_col grid=”2-1 first”] how-to-edit-wordpress-menus
Take advantage of WordPress’ simple drag and drop menu interface.[/themify_col] [themify_col grid=”2-1″] Export content from WordPress.com
Moving to self-hosted WordPress from WordPress.com? Export your content easily.[/themify_col]


[themify_col grid=”2-1 first”] how-to-write-a-wordpress-post
Simple steps to writing your first WordPress post.[/themify_col] [themify_col grid=”2-1″] how-to-create-a-gmail-alias
Want to use Gmail but send email from another account? Create an alias.[/themify_col]  

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