Google Did What? RIP Reader. Really?

Google Did What? RIP Reader. Really?

Geeks all over the world panicked when Google announced that they were shutting down Google Reader. I was as upset as anyone; with 391 RSS feeds, I depend on it to give me up-to-the-minute content about topics I’m interested in, from everything to mobile technology to Cardinal baseball.

For quite some time, I’ve used a premium mobile and desktop app called Newsrack. I just discovered, after recommending it to a friend, that it’s Mac only. I use the app on iPad and my iPhone as well and it seamlessly syncs between all devices.


I like that Newsrack is a desktop app, with a badge on the dock icon that shows the number of unread feeds.

I like that I can navigate between folders with the arrow keys, so I never have to use the mouse. I can breeze through the feeds quickly and easily save articles I want to read later to Pocket. The mobile version is also quite nice, and lets me catch up on feeds while I’m away from the computer.


List of folders


View of the individual feeds within the folder


Single article view

With all the hype about Feedly, though, I decided to check it out. There’s a lot to like, with its clean interface.

You can choose list view, card view (seen here) or full article.

You can choose list view, card view (seen here) or full article.

Full post view

Full post view — note the sharing icons right under the headline, which include Google Plus.

I’m not sure if I’ll switch to Feedly or not; I’ve already paid for Newsrack and I’m not sure that any of the features are riveting enough to tear me away from what I’m used to.

What’s your new go-to solution for RSS feeds?

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