Google+ at Last on iOS

Google+ at Last on iOS

When Google+ launched, it did so without a native iOS app. While the site was accessible via mobile Web, the lack of a native app kept me from using it much on my iPhone and iPad. Mostly because there was no way to upload a photo easily.

The app finally gained Apple’s approval and launched earlier today in the App Store, unfortunately, without an iPad version. Big disappointment.

But the iPhone version is actually pretty well-done; enough so that I’ll use the service much more now and it’ll probably make the front screen on my phone.

Here are a few screenshots:


Home screen that comes up after you sign in


Easy to comment and/or +1 a post

Easy to comment and/or +1 a post


I like how it handles circles. Here you can see my circles (though I’m not letting you see who’s in what circle). From this screen I can see who’s in each individual circle and go to their profile. On their profile is a button that shows the name of the circle they are in and I can add them to or remove them from circles easily from this interface. In fact, it may be easier than on the Web for this particular task.


Photo screen. Obviously I haven’t been tagged yet. Which is ok.

I think the app will definitely make me use Google+ more. It’s clean and easy to navigate, and I haven’t yet see a feature I’m really missing from the Web interface.

I’m still missing real integration with Twitter and Facebook and … really missing the iPad app.

Have you downloaded it? What do you think?

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