Get Calm for More Productivity

Get Calm for More Productivity

productivityProductivity is tough to maintain when you feel besieged by email, Facebook, and Twitter notifications one second, and text messages, phone calls, and Google chats the next. Do you ever feel as if you can’t get a moment’s peace?

Sometimes, in order to keep my productivity at an acceptable level,  I need help to focus and really get my brain in gear to think creatively. Or maybe I’m just stressed and need to decompress for a few minutes.

Enter Calm. With a capital C. The iOS and Web app that keeps me sane.

Spend a few (or more) minutes listening to nature sounds such as rain, waves crashing on the beach, or a stream. You can choose from several free “scenes,” and there are more you can add.  The Web app is nice if you don’t have an iOS device, and works pretty much the same way.

When you open the app, the intro screen tells you to take a deep breath. Don’t skip this, it makes a difference.


Choose your relaxing sound



You can set your time from five minutes to 30, and the sounds will stop when your time is up. You’ll be alerted by the sound of your choosing.

I’ve been using the app pretty much daily and it helps me clear my head, generate new ideas, and frees up my mind to journal or write. Not to mention the relaxation benefits. It will also send you a reminder to be sure you don’t forget to relax.


calm and productivity

The sunset beach is my favorite.

I cannot argue with my results. I’m more relaxed, find it easier to focus on work and the quiet time has brought forth ideas that I don’t think would have surfaced if I hadn’t taken the time to chill a bit. Whether you pray, meditate, or just chill, find five minutes or 240 to be still and quiet — a small time investment that will bring a worthwhile return.

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