Facebook Did What?

Facebook Did What?

Every time Facebook changes things — which, it seems, it all the time, users get upset. Many of us are change-averse; some of us even react negatively to positive change. I often accuse my husband of being so change-averse he’d be upset if we won the lottery. (I’d love the chance to test my theory.)

I usually like change. I like trying new things and generally get used to a different interface pretty easily. This one is more challenging.

Still, there are several things I like about it.

new facebook ticker

Hover over the update to bring up the like/comment box

  1. The ticker. I know, I know … I think I’m the only one. Maybe it’s because I’m so comfortable on Twitter. But I love the ability to see things quickly, hover over the update and comment or like without ever leaving the ticker window. It lets me engage without really interrupting the flow. This is great if you have limited time and want to catch up quickly.
  2. Birthdays. Who doesn’t love the birthday wishes? But sometimes I get busy and put them off. They are still in the right sidebar, but lower and you can now hover over the names and a box will pop up that allows you to add your wishes all at once. Nice. Quick.
  3. Friend lists. I have to admit I haven’t made much use of these in the past; it’s a bit time-consuming. But I spent a little time with lists last night and it may well be worth the while. Set up a list, click on the list name in the left sidebar and you’ll see posts from that list chronologically like we’re all used to. If you’re really opposed to the new layout, you could put all your friends in one list and just go there instead of the news feed.
Facebook top stories

Click the blue triangle in the upper left corner (in the shaded circle) to add to top stories

  • Top stories. Hover over the upper left corner of the post and you’ll see a light blue triangle. Click this and you’ll mark that post as a top story, which means you’ll see more from that friend or page in the future. It may be annoying at first, but it could well be an effective way to filter out the noise and highlight your favorite content.


Here’s a video from the Facebook blog that highlights some of the changes.

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