Evernote Site Memory

Evernote Site Memory

I’ve been a fan of Evernote since I’ve known about it. I use it on both my desktop and laptop computers as well as the iPhone. It’s easy to store notes, pictures, web pages of anything I need to remember and it syncs seamlessly and nearly instantly between the three.

Evernote site memory button

Click the Remember button to save your content

They recently added a very cool new feature; the site memory button. Download and add it to your website and visitors can easily save your content for later reading. Evernote makes it simple to install on your site; there are specific instructions for Tumblr and WordPress and if you know a little HTML, you can specify the particular part of the page you want the reader to be able to clip by entering the div tag in their online form.

Evernote site memory clip

Add tags and notes and select a notebook

Evernote for the iPhone

The clip appeared on my iPhone in about 30 seconds

Download Evernote here (free) and look for the green Remember icon to start saving posts and clips from your favorite sites.

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