Email Marketing Services

Question: What marketing channel nets the highest return on investment (ROI)?

Let's create a practical plan to build your audience, nurture your customers, and grow your revenue.

If you guessed email marketing, you’re spot on. According to a study by Litmus, every dollar you spend brings you $36 in revenue.

With an ROI that high, you’ve got to make email part of your marketing plan. You can customize your messages based on reader behavior, interests, and characteristics. Automated sequences (series of emails) help you make money while you sun yourself on the beach or snooze in your hammock.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you own a clothing store. It’s helpful to separate those interested in clothing for adults from readers who shop for children’s clothes. You can do that by measuring clicks, opens, and engagement with your messages to determine customer interests and tailor future messages accordingly. That way if you’re having a sale on children’s clothing, you can email only those who have shown interest in that area.

Email marketing is a powerful way to reach and nurture customers, however it must be done in accordance with relevant laws or risk significant penalties and fines. I’m familiar with those regulations and will ensure you’re in compliance as you build customer loyalty and attract new prospects.

I build customized email marketing plans that are created just for your business. Here are the email marketing services I offer:

lead magnet

List Building/Lead Magnet

The first step in email marketing is to build a list. Our goal is not just big numbers, but an active, engaged list with real interest in what you have to offer. An engaged list of 100 is better than a disinterested list of 1000.

By law you cannot add users to your list without their expressed permission; they must opt in before you can send promotional messages.

How do you get people to opt in to your list? Some call it an ethical bribe, some refer to it as a freebie, and still others call it a lead magnet.

Whatever you call it, it’s a free giveaway that users request in exchange for their email addresses.

So What Do You Give Them?

Lead magnets must be compelling. In this era of spam and phishing, we’re all reluctant to give up our email addresses. Gone are the days you can just ask readers to subscribe to your newsletter — they want something in return.

That’s your lead magnet. You create a freebie that is good enough to pay for and give it out free and you’ll have the user’s interest. A user on your list becomes a warm lead, that is, they are more likely to buy from you.

I’ll help you create a custom lead magnet that will appeal to your ideal customer and prompt them to give you their email address. We’ll consider your services and your unique qualities and customer preferences and habits.

I’ll take your input and create a lead magnet and send it to you ready to go as a PDF file that you can upload to your website and offer for download.

marketing content planning

Content Planning

How do you know what to send to your list? We’ll develop a content plan that will nurture leads and convert readers to buyers.

Seasonal sales, events, specials, and other messages can keep you on the customer’s mind and build loyalty and trust.

email sequence

Email Sequences

An email sequence is just a series of emails designed to accomplish a specific purpose.

We’ll build a custom sequence to help onboard new customers and nurture existing ones. Email sequences are ideal for:

  • Welcoming new subscribers to your list. A good welcome series helps orient them to what you have to offer and what to expect as a member of your list. Welcome sequences are generally three to five messages.
  • Transactional emails. These emails are what you get when you purchase a product or service online. They serve as a receipt for your purchase and let you know when to expect delivery of the product. Some suggest other complementary products — we’ve all seen the people who bought x also bought y messages. There’s a reason you see them often — they work.
  • Nurturing emails. Depending on the price point of your product or service, you may have a longer sales cycle that requires nurturing and educating your prospect.

I can build any or all of these sequences for you using your chosen email provider. You can choose how many emails you need in your sequence.

email newsletter

Email Newsletters

An email newsletter can include updates about your organization for members or supporters, new products, feature stories, information about sales or specials — or anything else you want to communicate to your audience.

Stay in touch with your customers and keep your name top of mind. Here’s how I can help:

  • Email provider setup. I’ll set up a template for you to create your own newsletter, or I can create them for you on your schedule.
  • Content. I’ll help you determine what content will engage your readers and drive traffic to your website.
  • Technical setup of email to add links, images, and copy.
  • Your subject line determines whether or not your email gets opened — it needs to be strategic. I’ll write subject lines that get opens for you.
copywriting services


Your copy (written words) can make or break you online. The most beautiful, modern website will fail without well-written, customer-centered copy that helps your reader understand why you are the solution to their needs.

content marketing services

Content Marketing

I’d be willing to bet you know the problems that keep your customers and prospects awake at night. This knowledge helps you craft content that addresses these problems and positions you as the answer to your customers’ concerns.


Content that is optimized for readers first and search engines second will help you get noticed online and attract new leads.

how to work with me

How it Works

1. Marketing Audit

I’ll do a comprehensive audit of your current marketing strategies and online presence. We’ll keep what’s working and focus on areas that need improvement. I’ll look at:
  • Your website — design and copy.
  • Social media presence.
  • Print and collateral materials.
  • Advertising and promotions.
  • Your blog.

2. Marketing Plan

I’ll consider your budget, personnel, time, and other resources as I build a customized marketing plan that considers the unique needs of your business. It will include suggestions for changes and improvements to your website, social media, and other marketing materials. We’ll meet virtually to discuss the plan and any necessary changes or adjustments. Once the plan is approved, we can work together in a way that works best for you.

3. Progress Reports

I’ll stay in touch regularly and report back with detailed results so that we know it’s working. Statistics are a bit like GPS for your marketing — it’ll keep you on the right path. You’ll get monthly PDF reports via email that let you know how it’s going.

How Do You Want to Work?

✓ Done for You

This is for you if you just don’t have time for marketing and want to outsource. I’ll follow the plan we’ve agreed on and carry it out for you. I can write blog and social media posts, monitor social channels, and reply to and engage with commenters on your behalf if you like.

✓ DIY + Coaching

You’d rather do it yourself. That’s cool. I’m happy to coach you through it. I’ll answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process during coaching sessions that fit your schedule. We can schedule them regularly or on an as-needed basis, whatever works best for you.