Don’t Make These Website Mistakes

Don’t Make These Website Mistakes

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I read a lot, look at zillions of websites and check out print pieces everywhere I go. Though I’m a laid-back person, there are some things I’ve been seeing a lot of lately that are like that certain sound that we all hate. Don’t make these mistakes on your website.

  • “Scare” quotes. Quotes are not for emphasis. They are for quotes.
  • Comic Sans, anywhere, any time. Enough said.
  • Apostrophe’s used incorrectly. Yes, I know. I meant to.
  • Serif fonts used on the Web.
  • People that … ; it’s people who, things that.
  • Word art. If it can be created in a piece of software by Microsoft®, don’t use it in your print piece/on your Web page.
  • Underlining. It’s just ugly. Typewriters are over.
  • Exclamation points! Especially more than one!! If you need them your writing is probably weak.

Thanks for listening. I just had to vent. What makes your skin crawl?

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